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Projects newly awarded in FY 2017|All Data (Excel 212KB)


Results for applications submitted by Apr 2017

Country Grantee Organisation Project title Duration Programme
Bhutan Thal Prasad KOIRALA Ministry of Agriculture and Forest Survey on diversity and distribution of butterflies and conservation awareness creation amongst rural community in Gidakom Forest 1 year Research Grant
Bhutan Lhak Bahadur TAMANG Ministry of Agriculture and Forest Habitat distribution, threats and extent of human-elephant conflict with communities of south-western valley of Bhutan 13 months Research Grant
Bhutan Sherab JAMTSHO Ministry of Agriculture and Forest Distribution ecology and conservation threats of Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) in Martshala Geowg under Samdrup Jongkhar District 1 year Research Grant
Bhutan Pema DENDUP Ministry of Agriculture and Forest Habitat association, conservation threat and distribution of endangered red panda Ailurus fulgens fulgens in Khame under Jigme Dorji National Park, BHUTAN 1 year Research Grant
Bhutan Bal Krishna KOIRALA Ministry of Agriculture and Forest Species diversity and sapatial distribution of amphibians of Jigme Dorji National Park, Western Bhutan 15 months Research Grant
Bhutan Yonten JAMTSHO Ministry of Agriculture and Forest Dietary analysis of snow leopard in Wangchuck Centennial National Park 1 year Research Grant
Indonesia Muhammad Hilman Fu'adil AMIN Airlangga University, Campus C Spatial distribution and population genetic structure of water monitor (Varanus salvator) inferred by mtDNA sequence in two national parks in East Java, Indonesia 18 months Research Grant
Indonesia Tony HADIBARATA Curtin University, Malaysia The study of white-rot fungi biodiversity in National Parks of Sarawak, Malaysia 1 year Research Grant
Indonesia Hasri ABDILLAH PILAR Indonesia Diversity, distribution and threats of waterbirds and their habitat on the east cost of Asahan and Batubara District, Sumatera Utara Province, Indonesia 7 months Research Grant
Malaysia Nor Zalipah MOHAMED Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Economic evaluation of bat pollination service in Terengganu, Malaysia 2 years Research Grant
Malaysia Nor Rohaizah JAMIL Universiti Putra Malaysia Improvement of habitat restoration action plan for critically endangered terrapin species (Batagur affinis) in tropical river system 18 months Research Grant
Malaysia Evan Seng Huat QUAH Universiti Sanis Malaysia Diversity, biogeography, and the conservation of the herpetofauna of the Langkawi Island Archipelago 1 year Research Grant
Mongolia Tserennadmid MIJIDDORJ National University of Mongolia Experimental study on Mongolia rangeland ecosystem change due to climate change 18 months Research Grant
Nepal Daya Ram BHUSAL Tribhuvan University Species inventory, ecological study and people perception about the bumblebees conservation in Chitwan Annapurna Landscape (CHAL), Nepal 15 months Research Grant
Nepal Mohan Bikram HRESTHA Wildlife Conservation Nepal The relationship between populations of Royle's pika (Ochotona roylei) and groundwater emergence sites in the Parvati Kunda groundwater complex, Rasuwa, Nepal 14 months Research Grant
Vietnam Tu Van DO Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences Species composition, distribution and conservation status of freshwater crabs of the Northeast Vietnam 9 months Research Grant
Vietnam Tuan Anh NGUYEN Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Study on the classification of genus Asarum L. (Aristolochiaceae) in Vietnam 23 months Research Grant
Vietnam Long Ke PHAN Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Natural occurrence of Panax spp. and their current status in the biosphere reserves of Western Nghe An Province, Vietnam (Phase 1: Phu Xai Lai Leng Mountain) 2 years Research Grant
Vietnam Luu Pham THANH Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Diversity, distribution and percentage cover of seaweeds in the Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam 1 year Research Grant
Vietnam Vinh Quang LUU Vietnam National University of Forestry Exploration of the reptile diversity in karst forests of the Red River Delta in Northern Vietnam 15 months Research Grant


Restults for applications submitted by Oct 2017

Country Garntee Organisation Project title Duration Programme
Bhutan Sangay TSHERING Royal Thimphu College Study on bat diversity, distribution and ecology in Punakha-Wangdue District, Bhutan 18 months Research Grant
Indonesia Rida Oktorida KHASTINI University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa Lichen diversity as indicators for monitoring ecosystem health in Rawa Danau Nature Reserve, Banten, Indonesia 8 months Research Grant
Indonesia Mukhlish Jamal Musa HOLLE Universitas Gadjah Mada Tarsius supriatnai population and their interactions with altered tropical forest in Sulawesi, Indonesia 1 year Research Grant
Malaysia Zhi Yi TEOH University of Malaya Social and habitat use dynamics of Indo-Pacific humback dlophins (Sousa chinensis) in the Langkawi Archipelago and adjacent Perlish-Ledah Waters, Malaysia 16 months Research Grant
Malaysia Noor Haliza HASAN Universiti Malaysia Sabah Effects of metapopulation and altitude gradient on bats population genetics 2 years Research Grant
Malaysia Kimberly ADOR Universiti Malaysia Sabah Molecular tools for investigating stingless bee of Bornean Tetragonula (Apidae: Meliponinae) 2 years Research Grant
Malaysia Gaik Ee LEE Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Diversity, taxonomy and distribution of epiphyllous liverworts (Marchantiophyta) in tropical rain forests of Peninsular Malaysia 2 years Research Grant
Malaysia Nurul Ain ELIAS Universiti Sanis Malaysia Ecosystem service: suppression of insect population by tropical insectivorous bat in Penang, Malaysia 18 months Research Grant
Philippines Jorge Anton Dy ORDAS De La Salle University Phytogeography and genetic diversity of endemic Neonauclea Merr. Species on the Philippines 1 year Research Grant
Philippines Nonillon Mante ASPE Western Philippines University A taxonomic and biodiversity survey of earthworms in the western central Philippines 2 years Research Grant
Philippines Krystle Angelique SANTIAGO Monash University Malaysia Mapping the biodiversity and abundance of the ecological indicator Usnea for effective environmental conservation planning in Peninsular Malaysia 1 year Research Grant
Sri Lanka RMC Sena RATNAYAKE University of Kelaniya Reproductive biology and pollinators of Exacum trinervium, Osbeckia octandra and Melastoma malabathricum in Sri Lanka for their conservation 2 years Research Grant
Sri Lanka Lalith EKANAYAKE Bio Conservation Society Study on incidental by-catch of sea turtles in coastal and offshore fishery in Kalpitiya Peninsula of Sri Lanka 13 months Research Grant
Thailand Komsorn LAUPRASERT Mahasarakham University Distribution, proposed status and genetics structure of Glyphoglossus guttulata in Thailand 2 years Research Grant
Vietnam Linh Manh HA Tay Bac University Larval and juvenile fish in the Ba Lat Estuary and the estuarine mangrove of Xuan Thuy National Park, Northern Vietnam 18 months Research Grant



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