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Recently Awarded

Projects newly awarded in FY 2018|All Data (Excel 237KB)


Results for applications submitted by Apr 2018

Country Grantee Organisation Project title Duration Programme
Indoesia Rika RAFFIUDIN Bogor Agricultural University Distribution and molecular approach of the Sulawesi endemic honey bee species Apis nigrocincta 13 months Research Grant
Indonesia Ajeng Arum SARI  Indonesian Institute of Sciences The study of Basidiomycota and Glomeromycota biodiversity in Baturraden Botanical Garden, Indonesia 12 months Research Grant
Indonesia Agus SUYANTO  Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta Strategy of flora biodiversity conservation at Doline Lake, case study of Nangsri Doline Lake - Cunung Sewu Geopark 12 months Research Grant
Nepal Smriti GURUNG  Society of Natural Resources Conservation & Development Macroinvertebrate and diatom assemblages of the Bheri and the Babai rivers in the wake of inter-basin transfer in west Nepal 15 months Research Grant
Sri Lanka DMS Suranjan KARUNARATHNA  Nature Explorations and Education Team Natural history and distribution of Sri Lankan Day geckos (Genus Cnemaspis) outside the protected area network of Sri Lanka: insights for conservation and management 24 months Research Grant
Sri Lanka Rupika Subashini RAJAKARUNA  University of Peradeniya Geographic structure of mitochondrial and nuclear gene polymorphisms in Sri Lankan loggerhead population 24 months Research Grant
Vietnam Toan Quoc PHAN Duy Tan University Assessment of species diversity and conservational status of stream-dwelling damselflies (Odonata: Calopterygoidea) in Vietnam 13 months Research Grant
Vietnam Nam Hoang CHU  Hanoi National Univeristy of Education Gobiid fish diversity in the mangrove of Xuan Thuy National Park, Northern Vietnam 18 months Research Grant


Restults for applications submitted by Oct 2018

Country Garntee Organisation Project title Duration Programme



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