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Here below are the most frequently asked questions about the NEF Scholarship Schemes. If you still have questions after reading this, please contact the NEF Secretariat by e-mail.


Q1 What countries does the NEF support?
A1 The NEF Scholarship Scheme currently supports students in five countries: Myanmar, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.
Q2 Who is eligible?
A2 Applicants eligible for the NEF Scholarship must be local university students taking courses related to nature conservation (e.g., biology, botany, forestry, etc) at the selected universities and institutes in the target countries. Other eligibility requirements are set by the NEF'’s local counterparts which are in charge of running and managing programmes at each country, so please contact the counterpart representative in your country for applicant eligibilities.
(See NEF Scholarship Programmes)
Q3 Does the NEF support my study aboard?
A3 No, the NEF Scholarship Scheme cannot support any cost for study abroad because this is for those local students who study at university in their home country.
Q4 How do I apply for the scholarship?
A4 The NEF’s local counterpart in each country is in charge of all application procedures and the selection of students, so please check NEF Scholarship Programmes and contact the counterpart representative in your country for details.
Q5 What amount does the Scholarship Scheme offer to a student?
A5 The amount depends on the country and academic year of the student. Please see the details for each country.
(See NEF Scholarship Programmes)
Q6 How long does the scholarship last?
A6 In principle, the shortest period is from the time selected until graduation.
Q7 Does the NEF cut off scholarships before graduation?
A7 The scholarship may be cut off if the NEF’s local counterpart deems that the student is performing unsatisfactorily in terms of academic work or behaviour as a scholarship recipient. It is also cut off when the recipient studies abroad.
Q8 What happens if I cannot attend classes for a while because of an illness?
A8 If a doctor and the NEF’s local counterpart deems that the student is unable to attend classes due to health condition (e.g., injury, illness or hospitalization), the NEF will suspend the scholarship until the student recovers. Once he or she returns to school, the scholarship is again provided.
Q9 Is it possible for non-NEF scholarship recipients to attend the NEF Student International Workshop?
A9 No. The international workshop is only available for NEF scholarship recipients.



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