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Here below are the most frequently asked questions about the NEF Research Grant Schemes. If you still have questions after reading this, please contact the NEF Secretariat by e-mail.


Eligibility requirements

Q1What fields of study does the NEF support?
A1The NEF supports research and publication projects concerning nature conservation in developing countries in the Asia- Pacific region.
Q2Is my proposed project eligible?
A2If the proposed project is on the nature conservation of NEF's target countries and regions, we consider the project as eligible. However, there are other eligibility requirements you should clear, so please check Programme Guidelines at Forms & Guidelines for more details. Also, please check Recently Awarded showing the past/ongoing projects the NEF supported/has supported.
Q3Please define the Asia-Pacific region which the NEF considers eligible?
A3Target countries in the Asia-Pacific region include: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Kiribati, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Vietnam.
Q4Does the NEF accepts applications from developing countries outside the Asia-Pacific region?
A4No, applications from non Asia-Pacific region are ineligible for our programmes.
Q5I do not belong to a research institution or relevant organisation as a researcher or a PhD student. Am I eligible?
A5No, applicants must be a full-time researcher or a PhD student at a research institution or relevant organisation.
Q6I currently work/study abroad, but my study site will be in my home country, which is one of the NEF's target countries. Am I eligible?
A6No, you are not eligible for our programmes. Applicants are required to conduct their proposed research at the country wher they currently work or study.
Q7I am not a national of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific regions, but I currently work/study and live in one of the target countries. Am I eligible?
A7No, you are not eligible for our programmes. Our programmes only support applicants who are a national of developing country in the Asia-Pacific region.
Q8My organisation plans to implement a project. Does the NEF support the project?
A8We cannot support projects proposed by organisation, institution, team, or other groups under the NEF’s programmes. A grant is available only for an individual researcher because the purpose of the programmes is to strengthen capability of young researchers in the Asia-Pacific region.



Q9What expenses does the NEF cover or subsidise?
A9Financial support is provided for expenses used for research activities and publication. For example, the Research Grant Programme supports expendables, reference materials, limited wages and labour costs, local travel expenses, etc. and the Publication Programme supports printing cost only.
Detailed explanation on eligible and ineligible expenses for each programme is shown in Programme Guideline available at Forms & Guidelines.
Q10Does the NEF provide financial support for participation fees for meetings?
A10No, we do not support participation fees or travel expenses to attend training sessions, workshops, seminars, or conferences.


Application procedure

Q11How do I apply for the programme?
A11First, at Forms & Guidelines page, please download Programme Guideline, Application Form Guideline, and Application Form of a programme for which you intend to apply. Following the two guidelines, please prepare your application and submit it to the NEF Secretariat together with other required documents.
Q12Where should I submit my application?
A12All documents should be submitted to the NEF Secretariat by:
  • e-mail (secretariat ‘a’ nagaofoundation.or.jp, please replace ‘a’ with @) in MS Word or PDF;
  • fax (+81-3-6659-2272); or
  • mail (Nagao Natural Environment Foundation, Miyano Building 3rd Floor, 4-20-9 Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0021 JAPAN).
Q13I have several project proposals. Can I submit all proposals to the NEF?
A13We only accept one application from an applicant per time. So, please choose one project only and send us its application.
Q14Does the NEF accept documents written in non-English language?
A14No, we’ll not accept applications or document written in non-English language because we cannot understand it.
Q15There are a lot to explain about my proposed project, but the spaces given for each section are small. Can I change the width and length of the space? Or, can I use the font size smaller than 12?
A15Please do not change the width and length of each boxed space or font size.
Q16I revised my application which was declined before. Does the NEF accept the application?
A16Yes, we’ll accept the revised and improved application.
Q17When is the deadline for application?
A17Application deadlines are twice in a year around in April and October. For the exact date of deadlines, please see the Programme Guideline available at Forms & Guidelines.


Result notification and payment

Q18How and when can I know my selection result?
A18The NEF Secretariat first check applications whether all the eligibility requirements are fulfilled and applications follow the Application Form Guideline. If the applications are considered unqualified or incomplete, we will notify it to the applicants in a few days to a month.
Those qualified applications will be examined by the NEF Selection Committee. We will announce this final selection result two to three months after each deadline by e-mail.
Q19When can I get grant?
A19If granted, payment will be made about three to four months after each deadline.
Q20Does the NEF send money to companies and stores where I should pay?
A20No, the NEF send your grant to one account only. Thus, please be responsible for individuals and orgnisations to which you will subcontract for various parts of the project.


Reports and continuation

Grantees that started the funded project AFTER April 2012

Q21What do I need to submit?
A21You are required to submit a final report upon its completion with any products derived from the project. If the funded research lasts for over a year, a progress report should be also submitted one year after the implementation. When prepare reports, please follow the instruction provided at Forms & Guidelines.
Q22What is the application procedure for receiving an additional funding?
A22Application procedure is the same as the one for a new application. So, please follow the procedure explained in the Programme Guideline available at Forms & Guidelines. You can submit such an application requesting an additional support for the funded research only after completion of the research and up to one time.


Grantees that started the funded project BEFORE April 2012

Q23What do I need to submit?
A23You are required to submit i) a progress report (500 to 700 words) with several photographs once every six months after its commencement and continuation approval; ii) a yearly report (approximately 3,000 words) with several photographs and a detailed financial statement once every year; and iii) a final report with a detailed financial statement and any products derived from the project upon its completion. If you are not sure what you need to submit, please contact the NEF Secretariat.
Q24My project was approved as a multi-year project. How can I receive grant for the next year?
A24The NEF does not accpet applications for continuation anymore since 2016. Please submit your final report immediately.
Q25Can I apply for the current Research Grant Programme and get an additional funding to continue the funded project?
A25No, we only accept applications requesting additional support only from grant recipients who are first approved after April 2012.


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