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Main Activities & Accomplishments

Major activities and accomplishments in the first phase (2006 to 2011)

  • Research on fish fauna and spatial distribution in the Mekong-Chao Phraya Region producing:
    • Fish specimens preserved in alcohol/formaldehyde for scientific and educational purposes
    • Databases of fish specimens and digital-image photographs
    • Identification sheets of fishes in the Indochinese Mekong (in English)
    • Coloured posters, showing fishes found in the respective countries
  • Surveys on the current situation of aquatic animals and plants consumed by local people
  • Environmental education for elementary school students in Lao PDR
  • Presentation of the first phase findings at international symposia in the respective countries


Major activities planned for the second phase (2011 to 2016)

  • Publicising the accomplishments as:
    • Field guidebooks of fishes for the respective countries (in local languages and English)
    • Pictorial book of fishes in the Mekong-Chao Phraya Region as a whole (in English)
    • Scientific articles in international and/or other scientific journals
    • Web database on aquatic fauna and flora
    • Pictorial books of edible aquatic fauna and flora (in English and Japanese)
  • Conducting further research and conservation activities
    • Environmental education for elementary and junior high school students in Lao PDR
    • Scientific surveys on particular issues identified in the first phase programme
    • Surveys on the current state of distribution of aquatic organisms, in collaboration with local government officers, researchers, and residents

Database and field guides resulting from this programme are available at Publication & Documents.



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